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    Gold is and always has been one of the most valuable materials in the world. And there are many people that would just love a bit of gold coins, gold bars or other gold for themselves. But which company can you trust with this investment? One of the companies that offers this possibilities is GoldMadeSimple. But how trustworthy and reliable is this company? Will they not charge you too much? Will the gold that you store there be safe? How does it work exactly? And how does their customer service deal with people that have a problem or complaint about their products or services? The best way to do some investigation for yourself is by reading reviews written by people that have dealt with GoldMadeSimple before. They can tell you what you need to watch out for and be aware of before you decide to do business with GoldMadeSimple. That way you can make your own decision.

    About GoldMadeSimple

    GoldMadeSimple is a company that deals in gold. You can buy gold from them. Since gold rarely loses its value and its value usually only grows, gold forms a quite a safe investment. Therefore they offer this option as form as investment for your pension. Their physical gold offers no counterparty risk. They only supply allocated, “segregated” LBMA gold bars. They do not deal with Exchange Traded Funds. Having an ETF means you are not buying actual bars and you also have no legal entitlement to any individual bars. can keep you out of trouble when there are trouble with the amount of bars that are in the safe at the moment, since you’re only dealing with ‘paper gold”. GoldMadeSimple wants to prevent this by assigning you physical bars and not just the value.
    Of course you will also need to store these golden items in a safe and secure place, so GoldMadeSimple offers a storage option. They keep your gold safe for you. And you can always sell your gold back to them whenever you want.

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    Services of GoldMadeSimple

    In order to do business with GoldMadeSimple , you will need to create an account on their website. As a client, you will be able to buy physical gold bars. You, just like any other customer, will get an individual box that is adjusted with a security seal. This box is kept within a vault. Most clients use the storage option that is provided by GoldMadeSimple, but it’s also possible to have them send to your home. Make sure that the address that you provide is a safe address where you trust the people that might have to sign for your package.

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    Have you ever dealt on GoldMadeSimple? Maybe you own some gold there or have done so in the past? In any case, we would like to hear what you have to say about this company. Hus trustworthy and reliable do you believe they are? Do they keep your gold safe, of have you managed to lose it? Please leave your own review and let everyone know what you think.

    How trustworthy and reliable is GoldMadeSimple? Read reviews about their physical gold bar storage, gold coins and more.

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