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    About Tombola Store

    Tombola Store are a company that see themselves fulfilling peoples dreams, by converting an originally Italian, traditional raffle game, Tombola, and making it electronic, therefore reaching a wider audience. They provide customers with a wide range of prizes to win in the randomly drawn prizes games.

    Here is a look at the French pop artist who took his name from the traditional raffle game

    Services of Tombola Store

    Tombola Stores version of the game means that there are a fixed number of tickets for every prize and when all tickets have been bought the draw will close and the prize will be released. There are some contradictions on the website, but although prizes do have a closing date these can be amended if needed. The prizes Tombola Store offer are graded in six levels, and with each increase in the level the value of the prizes increases. Naturally the price of the tickets of each prize is dependent on the value, meaning it increases for each level and between products.

    The prize valuation of each level is as follows:
    1) Tin Prizes: up to £1,000
    2) Copper Prizes: up to £10,000
    3) Bronze Prizes: up to £20,000
    4) Silver Prizes: up to £40,000
    5) Gold Prizes: up to £80,000
    6) Platinum Prizes: up to £150,000
    There is also a premium section of prizes called £150,000.01 + Super! Where prizes are generally sports cars, boats or even houses. There prizes are generally estimated to be worth around £300,000, and the tickets are around £30-£40.

    Each player can only buy a limit of 10% of each prize’s tickets, and also has a limit on the deposits they can make each day. This is a daily limit of £300, weekly of £900 and monthly of £2000. Once players have entered into a competitions, they will be notified of any developments and can check during the competition what percentage of tickets have been sold. If insufficient tickets are sold, then all entry fees will be refunded within 14 days. The competition website provides a list of recent winners and the prizes they have won.

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