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    Do you find yourself frustrated by your current computer when gaming? Would you be interested in buying PCs specifically designed and built for gaming or other high specification applications? CyberPower PC is an industry leader of custom-built desktops and laptops, allowing people to pick their own specifications and tailor the machine to run the games they will be playing. Before you shell out, read through reviews below to hear how past customers have found the computers, or read on to hear about the company.

    About NXpower | CyberPower PC

    Cyberpower PC is an international hardware company, that manufacture and retail computers to the exact specifications of their customers, choosing from an extensive list of components. First founded in the US in 1998, California, by 2003 CyberPower PC was listed as the fastest growing privately owned business in the Los Angeles area. Since then they stayed in the top 150 largest privately owned companies with headquarters in Los Angeles County. Their most lucrative products are the gaming PCs, which hardware and software savvy gamers can build to exactly the specifications that will help them with their choice of game. Cyberpower are a registered and certified partner of Microsoft, and are premier providers of Intel, highlighting the renown they have in the industry and their access to the latest hardware and software. The company’s PCs also regularly win industry awards, from the likes of Custom PC Review, Hexus Performance and TechTeamGB.

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    Services of NXpower | CyberPower PC

    Cyberpower use third-party components listed on their website, to create custom-built PCs that are immediately usable once delivered. Their website offers the most components of any computer manufacturer in South Africa. This include desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles, such as their Steam Machine designed to compete with other major gaming consoles. Their website allows customers to browse their products by the model of PC or laptop, or by the games most suited to which computer or component. They also sell hyper liquid cooling systems for PCs. Alongside a selection of discounts and offers, Cyberpower PC offer free delivery to mainland South Africa, crucially a 3 year warranty for their products, as well as financing options for customers that may struggle to pay for the PC up front, which may include interest depending on the finance plan.

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    Have you ever invested in a CyberPower PC product before? How well did it realise your aspirations of a custom-built, personalised computer, and were the selection of components/design enough? Perhaps you contact their customer services team for technical advice. How well was their expertise able to help you with you difficulties? Leave us all you feedback in a review so the next CyberPower customer can get some insight into the company.

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