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    Reptiles are not everyone’s favourite animal, but those who own them know that, even though they are small, they require just as much stuff and care as the larger pets. Think for instance of a terrarium with lightning and everything else that comes with it, or reptile food. But not every pet shop sells these kind of items. So where can you do get them? One of the shops that sells them is Northhampton Reptile Centre. But does the fact that they are specialised mean that they are also better? Or are you still better off at other shops? And what do they provide in terms of delivery service and customer service? The best people to answer these questions are other reptile owners that have already shopped at Northampton Reptile Centre. They can inform you on everything that is needed to know before you actually decide to buy there.

    About Northampton Reptile Centre

    Northampton Reptile Centre is a pet shop that specialises in reptiles and amphibians. So that includes everything for geckos, chameleons, snakes, tortoise, turtles and frogs. So they sell housing like vivariums and terrariums, tortoise tables, tanks, vivarium banks, but also light canopies. tubs and cage security. Of course your reptile or amphibian also needs to eat. Northampton Reptile Centre offers live food like waxworms, locusts, cockroaches, flies, bean weevils, black crickets, snails and aquatic livestock, prepared foods like dead bugs, fruit foods, vegetarian foods like dried plants and live plants, and frozen foods like mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, chicks etc. For heat and humidity they offer thermostats, switches, basking spot bulbs, fans, pumps, filters, waterfalls, foggers, humidifiers, heat rocks, infra red lamps, heat mats, reptile incubator, water heaters, hygrometers etc. When it comes to lightning they offer LED lightning, bulb guards, electric timers, radiometers and more. Of course your animal’s home can also do with a bit of decoration. Northampton Reptile Centre has natural wood, backgrounds, upright plants, jungle plants, aquatic plants, vines, branches, moss boxes, water bowls, floating island refuges, desert plants and more. For substrates they have a collection of hemp, clay, sand, straw, soil, drainage substrates, bark chips, aspen, pebbles, gravel, moss, carpets, mats and more. And because every living creature might get ill they sell medication, vitamins, minerals, calcium supplements, water treatment and food enhancers.

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    All of the products that can be found on the website of Northampton Reptile Centre can be ordered online so they will be send to your home. And of course Northampton Reptile Centre can be contacted via telephone or email.

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