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    On a warm, summer day it is very enjoyable to hear the birds in and around your garden looking for food, building their nests and taking care of their offspring. But in autumn and winter, most of these wild birds will have a bit more trouble to scavenge enough food and could use with a bit of help. But where can you go to for wild bird food? One of the shops that specialises in this area is But what kind of food do they offer? Is it suitable for the birds in your garden? And how will the delivery process and customer service be? The best way to investigate that is by reading some reviews that were left by other customers of They can inform you of all you need to know before you decide to buy bird food or any other product at, so you can make your own informed decision.

    About CJ Wildlife | is a supplier of food for wild birds. The company was founded in 1987. They founder, Chris Whittles, started out on a farm in Shropshire. Since then he and others have spend a lot of time on research and development in order to provide the best bird food possible. They offer bird foods like fat balls, peanuts, straight foods, peanut cakes, mealworms, seed mixes, worms, suets, peanut butter and more. Of course you will also need something to put the food in. Therefore they offer bird feeders like window feeders, seed feeders, bird tables, feeder poles, fat feeders, suet feeders, peanut cake feeders, food dishes, water dishes and food solutions that are squirrel resistant. Because they also want to help the birds in other aspects, they offer nest boxes like general nest boxes, specialist nest boxes and WoodStone. And they also offer some products for other wildlife like bats, bees, hedgehogs, squirrels, frogs, toads, insects and nature like plants. And they have some bird books, gifts and supplies for bird watching like binoculars.

    Did you already know that birds just love peanut butter?

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    Everything that you can see on the website of can be ordered online. will deliver the products that you have selected right to your home via their delivery service. As a general rule, they try to deliver the order as soon as the next working day. This next day delivery service is standard and won’t cost you any extra. If you want some more information, you can contact On top of their website, you will find an email address and telephone number that you can use.

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    Have you ever ordered something at Then we would like to know how that worked out for you. How did the ordering process go? Did the birds in your garden like the food that you bought for them? And what does their customer service do to help you if something does not go according to plan? Please leave a customer review and share your opinion on and the experience that you have with them.

    Will birds like the food from Read customer reviews about thier fat balls, peaunut butter, seed feeders, nest boxes and other wildlife

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