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    Do you know that it is possible to cover both lives and activities against possible dangers? Do you have knowledge about insurance and risk cover? Do you already have a personal or group insurance policy? Did you buy one from John Lewis Insurances? Below we shall discuss the different policies that the company has on offer for you and also about how well do they help and support their customers.


    Life and property are both valuable assets whose loss can leave deep and irreparable effects. That's why it is important to get them covered in the form of insurance policies. Today it is not only possible to cover human lives and properties but there exists policies for pets, events and travel activities as well. John Lewis Insurance provides a wide variety of schemes that will enable you cover almost all the important things of your life at the most affordable prices. Insurance is not just about protection against possible risks but one should also consider the amount of cover it provides. It is evident that with more cover you will need to shell out more premium but then risk cover is the primary reason why one considers for a policy in the first place.

    A Joh Lewis Home Insurance ad. Do they speak the truth?

    About the Company

    John Lewis Insurance, formerly known as Greenbee, has been in the business of insurance for several years now. It is a reputable name in the industry with one of the most easy and customer-friendly claim process. John Lewis covers different articles including Home, Travel, Car, Pet, Wedding and Life Insurance. Each policy plan has been set with a variety of benefits and all of them seek to provide the best terms for their customers. There is a Specialist Home Insurance scheme as well wherein a policy is specifically made to cater to the needs of a particular customer.

    Policy and Claim

    Getting a quote and applying for a policy is easy. You can reach them via online platform and get a quote for you within minutes. You just need to provide the necessary information and the rest will be taken care by their team of experts. Making a claim is also easy and follows a simple process. Submit your documents with all the relevant attachments and let the officer verify all the details mentioned by you. Once done, you will get the claim in a hassle-free manner. John Lewis has a faster response time as it understands that delay in the process will only result in unsatisfied customers.

    Customer Support and Help

    You can reach their officials on the phone, by an email or by visiting them personally. Each Insurance category has a separate team of officers with each having a dedicated helpline number of their own. This enables customers to straight away reach the right person for their query. The company also maintains an online article page wherein details about different schemes and events are updated from time-to-time. Insurance is a general event and many must avail the advantages from it. People who already have a contract with the company, can share their experience in the comments section below. It will be beneficial for others to know as to what approach does the team of John Lewis prefer while preparing the policy and then later helping with the claim.

    Does John Lewis Insurance really pay up in times of need? Can you trust their policies for pet insurance, life insurance, home & car insurance?

    John Lewis Insurance
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