Your next winter holiday: to the snow or to the sun?

Your next winter holiday: to the snow or to the sun?

Are you already looking forward to your next holiday? Maybe you're still thinking about your next holiday destination. If you're not sure where you want to go, now is the perfect time to start thinking about it. You're still on time to book a (last-minute) winter trip to some snowy mountains and end 2017 in style. But you can also start looking for some early booking deals for the summer of 2018. And if you want to go all in, why not do both?

We understand if you can't decide that on a whim. Therefore, we want to help you make your decision. We have made an overview of things you can consider when thinking about a trip to the sun or the snow.

Find a last minute winter holiday and go skiing next week

Lots of people are getting ready for their winter holiday. They go to the snowy mountains of the Alps. Austria is a country that is ideal for this type of holiday making. but also France, Canada, Bulgaria, Switzerland and even Italy are great countries where you can find mountain tops covered in snow and some hills to ski off of them. You can go skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or even have a snowball fight with one of your friends, family or other travel companions. Maybe you'll even enjoy some aprés ski to rewind after a long, active day on the ski piste. Does this seem to be calling out to you? Can you almost taste the glühwein or feel the cold wind in your face while you're speeding down the hills? Then you should be booking your next trip! Ski Total is one of the companies that are specialised in arranging winter holidays. But you can also book your winter chalet at Alpine Elements or Ski France. You can even spend Christmas of New Year at your holiday destination. Don´t forget your skis, winter clothes, warm jacket, ski goggles and, as strange as it may sound, sunblock.

Looking forward to summer already? Book your summer holiday now!

Maybe a winter holiday is too cold for you and you would rather look forward to next summer. Lots of people enjoy a summer holiday at or near the beach.It almost seems like the idyllic picture: lying on a peal white beach all day, drinking cocktails and just taking in the warmth of the sun. You'll get a nice tan from all the hours you'll spend sunbathing. You can swim in the ocean until your skin is all wrinkled. The fish will swim underneath you during your snorkelling sessions and you can dive to the coral reefs that are found just under the surface of the water. Popular summer holiday destinations include Ibiza, Florida, Cyprus, Spain, the Caribbean, Curacao, Canary Islands and some other destinations. One of the companies that offer summer holidays is Athena Beach Holidays. But you can also choose James Villa Holidays for some luxurious villas in Egypt, Marocco and some other warm countries or book your trip at a general holiday company such as Take your swimsuit, beach towel, sunglasses and a nice cold drink with you.

Leave your holiday reviews

Have fun and enjoy the warmth, sun, cold and entertainment. And we would love to know what your holiday was like and what you think about the company that helped you book it.

Photo: Mia & Steve Mestdagh