Where to find the best Christmas presents?

Where to find the best Christmas presents?

The winter season is coming up. This means dark days and cold weather, but it also means the holiday season: Christmas with your closest family and friends, New Years Eve wrapping up the old year and starting a fresh new year full of possibilities and opportunities. This holiday season is also the time of giving and receiving gifts. That’s something to look forward to, but it also means hunting for presents, something that is sometimes more easily said than done. So where can you find all of these gifts? To inspire you, we would like to present some gift ideas, gift shops and other webshops that can help you find the perfect present for your family, friends and other loved ones.

There are many general gift shops where you can find a gift. Forever Bespoke, for instance.

Beauty Products

One of the gifts that are always welcomed by almost any receiver is beauty products and body care products. How about the products from Rituals, for instance. As the name of the company already suggests, these body products and other cosmetics turn your daily time in the bathroom into real rituals that you want to repeat day after day.

Presents for Book Lovers

Book lovers will be thrilled with any book that's on their to-read list. The Book Depository often had nice discounts. But if you want to be original, you can also send someone a personalised book via The Book of Everyone.

Being Original

If you want to find an original gift for a very special someone, you might want to consider one of the soft, cuddly toys from Send-a-Cuddly. Children and adults alike will love these stuffed animals and other softies. These soft toys can be given on any occasion and they also keep you or your kids warm and comfortable during the cold winter nights alone in bed.

Christmas Hampers

You can also send someone a Christmas hamper full of nice presents and delicious Christmas treats. Hayland Fayre even has a special side-branch called Christmas Hamper. This sidebranch is completely devoted to hampers for Christmas.

Personalised Gifts

You can also send someone a personalised gift. personalise.co.uk is one of the shops that offers many gifts that can be personalised by adding a name, message or picture. Examples from their assortment are champagne bottles, scented candles, Christmas cards, diaries, engraved gifts, shot glasses, mugs, notebooks, photo frames and many other things.

Gifts for Children

One thing children will love is a personal letter from Santa. You can send such a letter via Father Christmas Letters. And if you want to treat your children, even more, why not take them to Santa? Book a holiday at Santa's Lapland and meet Santa himself. Your children will keep talking about it for months after you return! And they will also love a toy, puzzle, game, doll, drawing book or other gifts from toy shops like Hamley's or Hawkin's Bazaar orLego Shop.

Men's Gifts

It's often not easy to find a proper gift for men. Qwerkity has a section called Presents for Men. This section is focussed on gifts for this difficult target group. Here you can find lots of gadgets, fitness equipment, garden tools, drinks, sports equipment, etc. But they also offer pet gifts, craft supplies, music, cleaning products, slippers, hats gloves and other items.

Hopefully at least a few of these shops will give you some gift ideas for your parents, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, uncle, aunt, cousin, niece, nephew or any other loved one you can think of. Good luck (and have fun!) skimming through these wonderful gift shops and hand out your gifts on Christmas day.

Photo: Caitlin H