What to eat? Supermarket shopping, ordering and dining out

What to eat? Supermarket shopping, ordering and dining out

What will you be eating tonight? It's a question that comes back every single day. Will you make the same thing you make almost every week? Will you try out that new, easy recipe that you found some time ago? Or will you go for something really special tonight? And now, with Christmas dinner coming up, you might be wondering even more what kind of dinner you can put on the table. Well, we would like to try and help. We presented an overview of some shops that can provide you with ingredients and even whole meals. Hopefully, they will provide you with some inspiration for the best meal ever.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

It's the most common thing to do: You need food, so you fo a grocery or supermarket to provide you with the necessary fruits, vegetables and other nutritious products that can take away that hungry feeling. Shops such as South African Corner Shop sell the most basic ingredients for almost every meal. And the best thing: they even shop overseas. Even when you're out of the country, you don't have to miss your favourite meals. Besides fresh foods and vegetables, they can provide you with canned foods, food tins and other food that is easily preserved. That way, you won't have to go to the shop every single day. Your fridge or even kitchen cabinet will keep them safe. And of course, they also sell treats and sweets like cookies, chocolate, biscuits, candy and other delicious things. After all, who can withstand a little treat every now and then?

Meals based on Meat

You can also take meat as the most important ingredient of your meal. Or you can go barbequing or put things on a grill. If you can almost taste the pork chops, stakes, sausages or other meat products, you might want to take a look at shops like Campbell's Meat or Premier Gourmet Foods. They can provide you with burgers, minces beef, steaks, meatballs and other meat based on chicken, pork, beef, lamb or other animals. These products do well with some salad, dressing, seasoning and, of course, some mayonnaise.


Another option, an easy one, if we might add, is ordering a pizza. Pepperoni pizza, pizza Margaritha, Pizza Fungi, Pizza Hawaii and Pizza Quatro Stagione are some of the most well-known pizzas in the world. On
One shop that can bring you a steaming, hot pizza is Papa John's. You can choose one of their existing pizzas, but you can also create your own pizza by selecting your own toppings. And this shop and many other pizza shops offer to deliver your pizza to your home.


Of course, we should not forget drinks. One of the largest tea providers is Twining's Teashop. But if you're looking for something stronger, you can get some wine from Virgin Wines. And of course, there are lots of nice sodas, healthy juices and other drinks that can go well with a nice meal.

Other food

And of course, there is other food. Chocolate, for instance (although we know chocolate is more of a treat) can be provided by shops like Thorntons. And shops such as Box'd Fresh provide you with a box full of healthy, fresh ingredients, and a recipe in which these recipes are to be used. And of course, there are various other options.

Hopefully you'll now have some ideas for new recipes, meals and dishes. Good luck and have a lot of fun while cooking your delicious meals.