Don't leave your comfy house this weekend!

Don't leave your comfy house this weekend!

What can you do when the weather outside is so frightful that you'd rather wrap yourself in a blanket and sit in front of the fireplace whole day long? Of course, you will feel comfortable, but you might also be bored pretty quickly. After all, watching a burning fire is only interesting for so long. When you have watched the flames making just about every move they can make, you will want something else to do. This might be the perfect opportunity to spend some on your favourite hobby. Maybe you can even make some effort and teach yourself a new skill or learn a new craft. We would like to present some opinions that can help you pass the time.


Knitting might have the reputation of being an activity for older women, but knitting has become back as a handicraft for all age groups. No clothes will fit you as well as the sweater, cardigan or other clothes that you made yourself. And creating your own clothes will also make you feel proud. But in order to get started, you will need some supplies first. Some balls of yarn or wool, for instance. Or sewing kits. And, especially if this is your first try, you will need a knitting pattern or sewing pattern that you can follow. One of the companies that offers knitting necessities is Sew and Sow. And did you know there are also other forms of knitting? If you want to try something new, you can try crocheting or embroidering.


Can you remember the childhood days in which you loved to pick up some pencils and draw whatever picture you have in mind? Or maybe you were a fan of colouring books that already presented pictures for you to colour. Why not try your hands at drawing once again? Practice and acquire some skills that help you to create the most beautiful pictures.There are also adult colouring books that can provide you with complicated outlines that you can fill out with any colour you like. You can find these colouring books as bookshops such as Waterstones.


The same bookshops also supply some other reading materials. You won't even notice how time flies if you're lost in a good book. You can read a celebrity biography. But there are also history books, anthologies, children's literature, poetry, gardening books, fantasy books, science fiction books and many more. So whether you like some fiction novel or prefer some non-fiction reading material, you will always find something you might be interested in. And if you don't really like to read, a graphic novel might be a nice option for you. And of course you can always read a newspaper or some other article about any field that interests you.

Photo Crafts

Taking pictures is already a craft in itself. But if your hobby is photography, you often need to go outside, the very thing you try to hard to prevent. What you can do is work with your old photos. But what can you do with them? You can keep them on your computer and use photo editing programs such as Photoshop to edit them. Or you can create a photo album via online photo book creation software presented by websites such as Photobook. Also, you can start a scrapbook project with scrapbook supplies and decoration from Crafter's Companion.

Hopefully, we have helped you to find some things to do while you're stuck at home. Have fun! And please let us know what you think about the shop that provided your books, photo products or arts & crafts supplies.

Photo: Nicholas A. Tonelli