Warm Clothes for Cold Winter Months

Warm Clothes for Cold Winter Months

The weather is cold, wet and gloomy. As long as you're inside, you can turn on the heating to keep warm and comfortable. But outside, this will not do you any good and the wind, rain, hail and snow will have you completely surrounded. Therefore you will need to put on some warm clothes to keep yourself from turning into an icicle. And if you go on a winter holiday, a warm ski outfit becomes even more important. But what kind of clothes should you wear? That is not always easy to decide, especially weather alternates between warm and cold days. We recommend layers. But which layers are there? There are so many possibilities, that you might lose track of them all. Therefore, we would like to present an overview of the most important clothing items to wear in winter. This might give you some ideas.

A Jacket

One of the most important things to have is a thick jacket to cover you from the elements. You will want this jacket to be warm, You will want your jackets to windproof and waterproof. That way, the wind and rain will not touch your skin. There are also insulated jackets that are specifically designed to contain your body heat and prevent the warmth from leaving your torso. You can also take a look at a softshell jacket. They are offered by many outdoor shops such as Go Outdoors.


When you go outside, a regular jacket might not be enough. You will need a warm winter coat to keep yourself from turning into an icicle. A raincoat will not do the job. You will need an insulated coat to wear over your jacket or vest. Look at shops such as Skiwear4s.com for the kind of jackets that are often used for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports activities.

Fleece clothing

You will need a base or mid layer under your coat and/or jacket. We recommend warm fleece clothing. Fleece vests, cardigans and pullovers can be worn inside and outside the house. Fleece is one of the best fabrics to use if you want to stay warm. Lightweight fleece clothing is available in many shops


Just like there are insulated jackets, there are also insulated trousers. But if you have to spend a lot of time outside you might want to add some layers to your bottom. In that case, you can take a pair of pants that are normally worn by professional ice skaters, and wear it under your normal pants. Because these pants are tight, no on one will know you are wearing it, but you will still be sheltered from the wind and rain.


Of course, there are also some accessories that can keep you warm. One thing you cannot go without are some warm socks to wear on your feet. Especially when you go skiing, snowboarding or ice skating - all activities that require you to spend a lot of time in the snow and on the ice - these socks are essential to keeping your ties from freezing. A warm pair of gloves and mittens can do the same for your hands and fingers. A shawl or scarf can close the small gap between your coat's zipper and your neck. And a had, especially a beanie, will make sure your head and ears are warm.

Hopefully, we will have given you some ideas for a warm winter outfit. And if you're shopping for a specific sports purpose, Decathlon has some warm outdoor clothing for all sports activities.

Photo: Andrew Vargas