Going on a Holiday? Travel Insurances Explained!

Going on a Holiday? Travel Insurances Explained!

When you go on holiday, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You can get into some kind of accident by your own fault or the fault of someone else. You can also lose your luggage or your luggage can be stolen from you. There is also the change of you or one of your travel companions gets ill during your trip and you need some medical care. And something might happen that requires you to cancel your trip.co.za all of these cases, you might have to spend a lot of money while the holiday wasn't cheap, to begin with. Therefore, it might be wise to take out a travel insurance company to cover these unforeseen costs. But since there are various types of travel insurance policies and even more travel insurance providers, we would like to present an overview of the most common types of travel insurance.

Single Trip Policies

The most common type of travel insurance is the single trip travel insurance. As the name of the policy already suggests, this travel insurance policy keeps you covered during one single trip travel insurance. You are covered during the short time that you are on holiday, business trip or another outing outside of South Africa. This policy will cover you for things like cancellation, liability, curtailment, accidents, airline failure, loss of baggage, medical expenses, and various other situations. Often, these policies cover you as an individual, but they also offer couples cover, group cover, family cover and cover for single-parent families. One of the companies that offer such travel insurance is Direct Travel Insurance.

Annual Multi-Trip Policies

Another well-known version of travel insurance is annual multi-trip travel insurance. This kind of travel insurance covers you during a whole calendar year. It does not matter how many trips, holidays or other countries you go on during this year. You can take a look at Post Office Travel Insurance to look for such a travel insurance.

Medical Travel Insurance

Often, a travel insurance won't accept you if you already have a pre-existing medical condition that presents a risk during your holiday. Fortunately, some companies offer special policies for people that already have such a condition. They present a cover for people with conditions like cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and more. One company that focusses entirely on covers and policies for people with medical conditions is Medical Travel Insurance.

Extra travel covers

You might not be aware of it, but there are some activities that are not covered by your standard travel insurance. If you go on a cruise, for example, you will need to take out a special cruise cover. The same goes for winter sports holidays and other risky activities. Other examples of additional covers that might be useful or even necessary covers are golf covers, backpacker insurance, winter sports cover, gadget insurance, car hire excess insurance etc.

Hopefully, we this overview has given you a better view of the policies that you can choose from and the cover they entail. Do you have a travel insurance that you are content with? Or one that you have a bad experience with? Please look up the company at AllReviews and share your opinion.