Throw your friends a World Cup party they will never forget!

Throw your friends a World Cup party they will never forget!

The FIFA World Cup is back, and with so many football games lined up over the next few weeks, many of us will be glued to our phones, laptops and televisions - eager to watch our favourite team play. But why not go the extra mile? Throw your friends a decked out football themed get-together, because after all, you'll have another four years to recover until the next one. Simply read on to learn more about throwing the perfect gathering, choose a match - either your favourite team or the final game (or hopefully your favourite team in the final game), and call your friends. Football's coming home!

Pre-Match Meals

All of the top football players understand that diet and nutrition is key to fuel a winning match performance, and even though you may not be playing, you can't keep up with the Mexican wave on an empty stomach. But this doesn't have to mean that you should be the one to miss the winning goal because you're stuck in the kitchen whilst everybody else is cheering at the tv. Luckily for you, pizza delivery services are only a phone call away, with a large selection of pizzas, sides and drinks as well as deals that will satisfy your stomach - and your wallet. For the guests who simply cannot decide what they would like to eat, other delivery options are available as well. Not only will you have full and happy guests, now you only have to worry about the halftime oranges.

Look the Part

If you look the part, you feel the part, and if the name on the back of your shirt says you're Harry Kane, then who can argue with that? Wow your friends with classic or printed 2018 World Cup shirts, or, for a more authentic style, why not look into vintage shirts from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s - including shirts worn by famous players such as Zidan, Messi and Beckham. Do it because it's so much more than just wearing a shirt - it's about your team and what you represent.

Place your Bets

Bring a little competition into the party by reviewing the odds and placing some bets with your friends. Not only could you win big, but you could also save up for the next World Cup party you plan on throwing - thanks to the success of this one. Always remember to bet responsibly.

Leaving it until the Last Minute

Planning a party can be particularly tough when you have other things to think about. In this case, it's easier to leave it in the hands of somebody else. Online party shops tend to specialise in certain themes, and will have World Cup-related products such as flags, tableware and party packs designed to suit all ages, and stocked in various sizes in case you're planning on inviting a lot of people or very few. You can also opt for priority delivery on most sites if you're planning has been left until last minute. This way, you can pull off a last minute party -complete with decor, and still manage to impress your friends.

Too Much Faff?

Finally, if throwing a party isn't for you, it's not too late to flee to Russia and be at the centre of the World Cup action instead.