What you need to know about staying safe in the sun

What you need to know about staying safe in the sun

Over the past few weeks, the weather across South Africa has been unbelievable - really, I am still in disbelief. With temperatures reaching the high 20s, consistently clear blue skies and barbecues being fired up across the nation, it is the summer that the majority of us would have had to go abroad for. But just because we’re in South Africa - a place renowned for its rainy days, doesn’t mean we should treat the sun any differently to that of a Greek island. The sun is still extremely harmful to our bodies wherever we are, so here are a few tips to help you to stay safe in the sun this summer…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for sun cream!

Sun cream is potentially one of the most obvious holiday essentials, yet almost a quarter of Brits don’t use it - or use it properly. Research has shown that almost 23% of the nation do not apply sunscreen during the summer, with men being twice as likely as women to forego protection. Yes, it may seem like a pain, but your sunscreen is your warpaint. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to apply, soak in and top up - it’s worth it when you go into battle with harmful UV rays. With so many brands of sunscreen products available, varying from mousse to spray, factor to star rating, there really is no excuse. But be sure to do your research, as some people may prefer a higher rating for areas that age more quickly (such as your face and chest), and, if you’re planning on doing a lot of swimming, make sure you check out water resistant sunscreen products.
Always make sure your sun cream is in date and remember to top up throughout the day. For more on various sun cream products, why not check out Superdrug for a selection of creams, sprays, oils and aftersun. Your skin will thank you!

Hats off! (or on…)
The great thing about wearing a hat, is not only are you protecting the top of your head from the sun, but you now have an excellent excuse to invest as many hats as you would like. Why not find one for each outfit? (just to be safe…). One of the biggest Instagram trends has been wide brim floppy hats that feature a message on them - excellent for shading yourself and to show off the fact that you’re on holiday to all of your friends. For a wider selection on hats, try boohoo or ASOS, and look towards your favourite travel blogger for more summer style inspiration that will make you look cool and protect your skin at the same time!

Actin’ shady
Sunglasses are key to protecting your eyes, jazzing up an outfit, and, obviously, hiding from the paparazzi - I just want to lead a normal life. Make sure you find a pair that suits your face shape, sometimes the blues brothers look works for some, for others you may want an Audrey Hepburn cateye moment. When browsing for your shades, be sure to check the label of a pair of sunglasses, as this will tell you whether they are UV protected. If they’re not, then you’ll be at risk of damaging your eyes, so make sure you’re purchasing anti-UV glasses only! For more on sunglasses, try Sunglasses Shop, Sunglass Hut, or Sunglasses2U.

Hydration is key
The last thing you want to be on a hot summer day is dehydrated. Be sure to drink tons of water, as this will help you to keep cool in the heat. But if you’re not big on drinking lots of water, or, if you forget - only to down gallons later on and be up all night, try incorporating water-rich foods into your diet instead. Alongside drinking lots of water, fruits such as strawberries, pineapples and watermelon (can you believe?) are extremely high in water AND nutrients - yay! A summer salad that incorporates iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and celery will also help to keep you hydrated. For fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as recipe ideas, visit your local Asda, Waitrose or Marks & Spencer.

Now go outside and have some fun, and remember, stay safe!