Online medical help: How does it work?

Online medical help: How does it work?

It's a fact of life that everyone gets ill sometimes. Especially during these cold winter months people are coughing and complaining about feeling a bit under the weather. But what can you do once the flu strikes or you have some pains or sores that keep bothering you? You can go to a doctor or general practitioner's office, but sometimes you don't feel well enough for that. Sometimes you won't even feel well enough to get your local pharmacy to get your prescription medicine. So what can you do? Fortunately, there are online pharmacies that offer their service online. That way, you can get a doctor's consult or order your prescription online. That way, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and still get the medical care that you require and deserve. But how does it work? Read on and we'll try to explain it.

Online Doctor's Consultations

If you have a stomach pain, headache, sore throat or another ailment, you might not feel well enough to leave your home. And some medical conditions are just a bit too embarrassing. Still, you will need at least some form of health care in order to get better, since some conditions won't treat themselves. In these cases, you can find some help on the World Wide Web. Some doctors and practices such as Push Doctor and Lloyd's Pharmacy Online Doctor offer online consultations via a doctor's website. You visit the website and request an online consult. Often, you can also choose a time slot that is convenient for you. A doctor will contact you at the requested time slot and you can tell him or her about your coughs, cold, hay fever, ear pain, back pain, asthma, allergies or other condition that you want to have treated. And often, these general practitioner's offices also have an app that you can download on your Smartphone or Tablet. These doctors can give you some advice and are also able to write you a prescription for some pain relief or other medicine to help you get better soon.

Online Pharmacies

Once you have a prescription or at least know what you need to get better, you will need to get a hand on your medicine or remedy. That means you need to visit your local pharmacy. But if you would rather stay inside, you can also visit a pharmacy website. Examples of such online pharmacies are Pharmacy2U, Doctor-4-U and LloydsPharmacy. Just visit their website and order the pain relief that you need to handle your pains and sores. They also offer some skin care salves that can treat your eczema, pills for your allergy or pain relief for your headache or your migraine. Some of these pharmacies also offer mobility aids that can help you to move around your house. And they also offer some powders and drinks that can help you with weight loss or weight gain. Some medicines require a prescription. You can enter your prescription on their website and wait for your delivery service to send the item to your home.

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Photo: Jeff Eaton