How to Bring your Mamma Mia dream to Life

How to Bring your Mamma Mia dream to Life

Oh yes, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again has hit the cinemas, and naturally it has us all debating on whether we should just escape to a Greek island surrounded by crystal clear waters and wear dungarees everyday. Maybe even throw in Dominic Cooper so we can get the full picture. This time we get to learn more about Donna’s wild past, how she first came to Greece and the beginning of her hectic love life. She may seem untameable, but it’s no lie that there is a reckless Donna inside of us all, and what better way to release her than to go directly to Greece and yell DANCING QUEEN at the top of your lungs - barefoot on a jetty? Thus, may I present you with, a guide to your ideal Mamma Mia summer break - and yes, I am listening to ABBA as I write this:

Skopelos will be recognised by true Mamma Mia fans as where the church of Sophie’s wedding is located, and where Meryl Streep wowed us with an emotional rendition of The Winner Takes It All. A truly romantic location, Skopelos has a beautiful coastline decorated with various yachts and fishing boats. The town features picture perfect architecture, with plenty of restaurants and cafes to rest your feet in. For accommodation, Airbnb has many properties that are either directly on the beach or in amongst the olive trees. A popular choice is the instagram-worthy blue and white coloured villas, which you can find here and here.

Another romantic location on the cards, the seaside hamlet of Damouchari is ideal for those in search of smaller and more private beaches. Boats are also available for hire if you’re interested in acting out Our Last Summer, although I can’t promise that Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Stellan Skarsgard will all be onboard. For romantic getaways in Damouchari, check out Fakistra House or Pelion Lodge. For magical ocean views look here and here, and if you want to be as close to the beach as possible, check out this romantic hideaway by the sea.

Island of Vis
Mamma Mia 2 is filmed in the stunning setting of Vis, an island in Croatia. A change of scenery from Greece, the natural beauty of the island is enhanced by 17th-century architecture and seafood restaurants, and their are many small and secluded bays - perfect for swimming. Those who have visited Croatia before may be aware of the popular holiday destination Split, and Vis is a very accessible two hour ferry ride from Split - giving you the opportunity to gaze upon the breathtaking dalmatian coast. Because of its location, there are many ferries available that allow you to hop from island to island. If you’re looking for more lively nightlife, be sure to checkout neighbouring island Hvar. For accomodation close to beaches, check out this suite - a few minutes walk from Vis bay, or Baby Blue House located on the more secluded Parja bay.