How to save big on your energy contract!

How to save big on your energy contract!

Winter is coming. The trees are shaking off their leaves, the forest animals are ready for their winter sleep or have left for a warmer place, it's getting dark early, the first snow has already been noticed and people stay indoors more and more. You want your home to be comfortable and, maybe above all else, warm and light. Therefore, this is also the season in which your heating and lights will be turned on at least most of the day, if not all day long. But did you know you can save quite a bit of money by isolating your home, putting on a sweater more often and, of course, by choosing the energy supplier? The latter is what will be focussed on here. You have choices in what kind of energy you want. Therefore, we would like to present an overview of what kind of choices there are.

Gas Energy

The most common form of energy is gas energy. This form of energy comes from oil, natural gas and other energy sources. This is the form of energy used by most people. Often, this energy is provided by default. It's also often the cheapest form of energy. Spark Energy is one of the companies that offer regular gas energy.

Green Energy

If you care about the environment, green energy might be a good option. In contrast to gas energy, this is energy that comes from natural, renewable sources. This form of energy does not make use of sources that are faxing on the environment. Instead, they make use of energy sources that cannot be depleted. Therefore, it is often referred to as renewable energy, since we can use the same source over and over again without ever running out of oil, gas etc. If you are interested in this form of energy, you can take a look at companies such as Co-op Energy.

Wind energy

One form of green energy is wind energy. Wind is one of those sources that will never deplete. Because of our climate, we have a steady stream of wind that is always present. Windmills can capture the wind and turn the motions of the wicks into energy. This energy can be used to keep lots or houses warm and full of light. That way, your house will be warm, light and comfortable without harming the environment.

Solar Energy

Another form of so called "green energy" is solar energy. As the name of the company already suggests, this form or energy is generated via solar beams. The sun, like the wind, is an energy source that is always around us; Even on a cloudy day, there is at least some sunlight to provide energy for your home. And during the darker days, you can use some of the reserves left over from sunny days. This form of energy requires solar panels to be adjusted to your roof. That way, your home will be almost self-sufficient. Want to know how much panels will cost you? You can get a quote via companies such as Solar Panel Quoter.

Hopefully, we have been able to provide you with at least a basic overview of the kind of energy sources in existence. Now it the time to save up on energy, so it can never hurt to look around. And please let us know what you think about the energy suppliers displayed on our website.

Photo: Marc Garrido Clotet