How to pick the perfect toy as a gift for your child

How to pick the perfect toy as a gift for your child

Children love their toys, that much is for sure. But children can also be very different. Some children like to play outside all day long while others like to sit in their own corner reading a book. Fortunately, there are dozens of toys around so there will always be something suitable for your child. But if you would like to surprise your son, daughter, niece, nephew or another child with a nice gift, you might have some problems finding the right toys. Cause, which toys suits the child the best? Therefore, we would like to present an overview of the kind of toys that your child can play with.

LEGO Bricks and Mini-Figures.

LEGO might be one of the most well-known toys in existence. The little bricks and mini figures are loved by children as well as grown-ups that are still young at heart. The bricks are available in all sorts of colours and allow you to build anything you like. You can buy a set and follow the instructions to create what’s displayed on the box. But you can also just get a bunch of bricks and let your imagination gone wild. The sky’s the limit and you are the architect. It’s a perfect construction toy for children who can spend hours clicking bricks and see them turn into something big. You can get the bricks at shops such as LEGO Shop. If you're looking for some special, unique mini-figure to add to your collection, you can visit Minifigures for some unique additions.

Barbie and other Dolls

Another famous example of a toy is Barbie. Over the years, the dolls have gone through many changes to end up the way she looks now. Especially girls love this pink-focussed doll. The doll is available in many, many versions. Each version has its own set of clothes, shoes and accessories. The doll also has many accessories such as a camper, house, horse stable, car etc. The Barbie dolls and their accessories are available at just about any toy shop such as Toys R Us.These shops also provide other dolls such as Baby Born, doll houses etc.

Play Pretend

Can you remember when you were a child and your imagination was your greatest toy? Even today, children like to dress up and play pretend. They pretend to be a fireman, princess, school teacher, mother, father, fantasy character etc, Some toy shops have a wide range of dress-up clothes. Wearing these clothes, your child can become anything he or she wants to be.

Stuffed Animals

A stuffed animal can be the greatest friend a child has. There are lots of stories about children refusing to be without their favourite cuddly-toy. A favourite stuffed animal often accompanies the child everywhere he or she goes. Therefore, the soft, cuddly gift always does well.

Active fun

For any child, but especially children that have a lot of energy, playing outside is essential. TP Toys sells a lot of garden structures for children. They offer swings, slides, wooden sandpits, bouncycles, tunnels and other garden fun that will entertain your child for hours. They can run around and use their overload of energy. Plus, fresh air and the sun on their face is good for children and helps them grow.

Puzzles and Games

On a cold, rainy day, children can get bored easy. One way to entertain them is by making a puzzle or playing a game. A game such as Memory, Clue, Monopoly or console game will give the whole family a good time. And All Jigsaw Puzzles has some beautiful puzzles that you and your children can make together.

So which toy do you think will be best for your child? Hopefully, we will have given you some suggestions for a gift that will make your child happy. And please tell us what you think of the toy shop that supplies you with the doll, game or other toy.

Photo: Nick Amoscato