Fleeing the cold weather? How to get to the airport!

Fleeing the cold weather? How to get to the airport!

You probably know the feeling: you have to catch a flight, but you have no idea to get to the airport. Maybe you don't have a car. or your family car is needed by the people you leave behind. And maybe you do have a car at your disposal, but you don't have the means for paying for your car. in all of these situations, there are some options you can consider. We will give you an overview of the most common ways to get to the airport. Read about them to see if one or more of these options might be worth considering.

Airport Drop-Off

Lots of people let themselves be driven to the airport by family or friends. Often, you can find a partner, friend, family member or even acquaintance that is willing to drive you (and your travel companions) to the airport and drop you and your luggage off in front of the airport terminal. This does mean you will have to find some to pick you up when you arrive back home at the end of your trip or holiday.

Airport Parking Meet & Greet

sometimes, you cannot find someone to drive you to the airport. And if you have an early or late flight, you might not even want to ask. After all, who wants to leave his or her bed in the middle of the night to bring someone else to the airport? If there is a car you can use but no one to drive the car back home, you can leave the car at the airport. Most airports, like Heathrow Airport Parking, have an airport parking solution. Their meet & greet option means that you drive your car to the airport. At the terminal, a valet will be waiting to take over your car and drive if to a secure parking lot. Your car will remain in the same secure parking spot until your flight arrives back at the airport. Then, a valet will pick up your car and drive it to the airport terminal. That way, your car will be waiting for you right outside the airport terminal after you have collected your luggage.

Airport Parking Park & Ride

If you don't like handing over the steering wheel of your expensive car to anyone else, the Park & Ride option might be something for you. This works almost the same as Airport Meet & Greet. The difference is that you drive the car to the parking spot yourself. A shuttle transfer will pick you up from the parking lot and bring you to the airport terminal. At the end of your business trip or leisure holiday, the shuttle bus will bring you back to the parking lot to collect your car. One of the companies offering this parking solution is Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Airport transfer

If you don't have a car (or at least not one you can leave at the airport for the duration of your trip) and no one to bring you, airport transfer might be an option. In this case, a car or bus will pick you up at your home and bring you to the airport. At the end of your holiday, the taxi car will bring you and your luggage right back home safe and sound. A company that offers this service is Airports Pickup London.

Photo: Zel Nunes