Happy birthday to you, RoseGal

Happy birthday to you, RoseGal

The following blog is only of interest for people who like to shop for clothing at a discount price. If you prefer to pay too much, please, feel free to continue to click. For those who don’t belong to that category, you might like what you are going to read below. Ready? Here we go!

Never enough

Is there such thing as too many clothes? Let’s be honest, there is always a reason to buy more. It could be a new trend, a special occasion, a bad mood, new size so your old clothes won’t fit anymore, boredom, fun day with friends, fed up with what hangs in your closet, change of style or interest, new job, holiday coming up, sale, and probably many more reasons. Whatever works, right. And yes, that could include a bit of creativity with the old ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ excuse.

Affordable fashion

However, clothing can be expensive, so having a passion for fashion, could be a bit problematic on a budget. Especially if you want to be up to date. Luckily, there are quite a lot of options. You might want to keep an eye on sales, discount and outlet sections at shops, but you probably do that already. It is a pretty time consuming thing though. However, there are also online shops that offer clothing for a more descent price.

Shopping turns out to be quite a party when you’ve got a discount coupon

Happy birthday to RoseGal

One of those online clothing shops is RoseGal. Here you can find clothing for women, men and kids, but also accessories, home decoration, shoes, bags and lots of other stuff. They sell a wide variety of sizes in their clothing department; XS to Plus Size. In all sizes, there are all kinds of clothing, like swimwear, dresses, shirts, blouses, bottoms, active wear, and what more. Which is a good thing, because no matter what the tag says your size is, you should be able to dress the way you want to. And by that we mean stylish in a way you love, not like a garbage bag because that was the only style available. Feeling good in your own outfit of choice equals confidence. In fact, they dressed so many people over the years, that their fifth anniversary is coming up soon! So, does this mean it’s time to celebrate? Of course!

What? No cake?!

When there is a birthday, there is usually cake. But that’s somewhat tricky when it comes to birthdays of a web shop. So this store came up with an amazing solution: a discount coupon. During the anniversary time (10th July - 14th July 2018) you can get a discount of 17% when you apply the code South Africanreview17. They will also hold a lot of sale events from 9th to 22nd July. So, what’s going to be your next and brand new outfit?