How to get your garden ready for autumn!

How to get your garden ready for autumn!

In summer, almost every garden looks beautiful with a little bit of maintenance. But in autumn, your garden will needs some work to keep it from deteriorating. The cold, harsh autumn weather full of rain, wind and sometimes even snow will have a great influence on your plants, trees, bushes and flowers, but also on your garden buildings and garden furniture.

The first things that a garden needs, especially when there are no bushes and trees preventing a natural obstacle for trespassers, is a garden fence. Whether you want a wooden garden fence that looks as natural as the rest of your garden or a metal fence that provides a good, sturdy obstacle for any burglars and unwanted visors. You might find a proper fence at some garden store. One of these garden stores is Fencestore, but also at Wood Finishes Direct.

For your plants, you might be able to find some evergreen plants like pines at garden shops like One Garden, Waitrose Garden, Garden Trading, Gardencentre Koeman, Bentley's Instant Garden, etc. And they also sell plants, flowers and trees that will do great next year. So visit these shops and many others for oaks, apple plants, And many of them, like Keen Gardner, also seel compost, garden tools and garden furniture.

For next summer, you might want to invest in some garden furniture. Some shops might prevent some nice discounts on their garden lounges, garden sets. outdoor dining tables, garden chairs, garden benches and other sorts of furniture now most people won't be thinking of garden furniture until at least next spring. Take a look at garden centres like Wickes, Garden Chic, Waitrose Garden etc, but also Oceans, a shop that specialises in rattan furniture and has a great deal of outdoor rattan products.

Of course, you also need some place the furniture. A garden shed might be useful, but you can also think of a garden office, a playhouse for your children, a log cabin, gazebo, barbeque lodges, summer houses, garage and other buildings that can keep your garden furniture safe. Take a look at shops like Simply Log Cabins, Coopers of Stratford and Buildings for Leisure, And while you're at it, these garden sheds and other garden buildings can also keep your lawn mower, hedge trimmer etc safe. And these shops often also sell some greenhouses to help your flowers, fruit trees and vegetable plants grow and bloom even in winter. By the way, these tools for grinding, farming, woodworking etc can be found at shops like Westfalia Mail Order..

And not only the plants, flowers and trees will get a hard time during the fall. You might want to help them by hanging up some bird food, bird seeds, suet pallets, flutter butter, window feeders and more,. but also garden cameras to watch the birds from a distance while they're enjoying the snacks that you brought them. Two shops that offer all of these items are SPC Wildlife and GardenBird the shop for quality bird food.