The Holidays : A time for giving and sharing

The Holidays : A time for giving and sharing

The Holidays are the time of giving and sharing. This is also the time of thinking about the people who are less fortunate than most. Fortunately, there are quite a few charities and other associations that try their best to improve the situation of these people. But there are so many, that you might not be able to see which company is devoted to which cause. Maybe you don't even know what kind of charities there are. Therefore, we want to present you with an overview of some of the most common types of charities.

Help for the Poor

In South Africa, life is, overall, pretty good. Most people have a good home, a roof over his or her head, food on the table and a steady income. There is a health system in place for people that can't get by and most people are able to pay for an insurance to cover unforeseen financial expenses. Of course, some people are less privileged than others, but in general, we're not doing all too bad. Sadly, this is not the case everywhere in the world. Some people barely have enough food to fill their stomach or water to keep them hydrated. Charities like Oxfam try to make a difference by lending a helping hand. By digging water holes, providing education, improving hygiene and social health services and other activities, they try to improve the situation of even the most impoverished villages.

Help for the Blind and Invalid

And of course, lack of economic wellfare is not the only way in which you can be in need of help or assistance. To a lesser extent, being less valid can cause you to be in need of assistance as well. Blind people, for instance, need some help around the house. They can also use some help when they're on the street. People are not always able or willing to help you. A dog, known as men's most trusty companion, is always present and happy to help. These Labs, Golden Retrievers and other helpful four-footed companions can help a blind person to feel more safe and secure when they're on the street, trying to get there they want to be. One company that provides such a helpful companion is The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. This association is devoted to training these dogs and learn them how to best help their new owner in any way possible. And there are also dogs that can help someone in a wheelchair. The furred companion can pick things up, open a door, hand its owner the phone and lend other forms of assistance.

Children's Charities

Another group of people that can use some form of help are parents whose children are chronically ill. These parents worry about their child that may even die. Maybe they already know the condition of their son or daughter is terminal. Taking care of a child can be taxing for the nursing parent. Rainbow Trust Children's Charity wants to give these parents a break by taking the sick child and the whole family on an outing. This outing let's the whole family enjoy a great day together in order to forget the situation just for a little while. They also provide counselling, guidance and help for parents, sisters, brothers and other close family members that deal with a sick child.

Of course, these are not the only groups of people in need. There are many other examples of being in great or little need. This is just a short overview in order not forget the people who are less fortunate in one way or another.

Photo: Victor Bezrukov